Marco Polo tour

The Marco Polo tour is a 7 to 8 tay hunting tour with a total of 11 to 12 tays 

The Marco Polo tour can be booked in combination with the Ibex hunting.

All Marco Polo tours are accompanied by a German professional hunter.

For the less advanced hunters, the Marco Polo hunt is a great alternative. Marco Polo sheep prefer an open  or hilly terrain making them 80% more accessible by horse and a less physically strenuous hunt compared to the Ibexes hunt. Walks are the exception on this tour. 

The Marco Polo sheep hunting season is from mid September to late February. 

It is not uncommon for the rams to migrate in annual cycles. For this reason, some years, some areas will be crowded with young sheep, while others may have several more rams within their flock.

Good areas in which the sheep can be found include the high plains south of Issykul Lake and south of the city Naryn, near the Chinese border. Getting to either of these areas is the hardest part of the tour and can take a day and a half. The ride leads through beautiful scenery of different flowers, local fauna and lakes that compensate for the effort of the journey. When going to the area south of Naryn, a nights stay is necessary. Heated wagons or trucks are provided for these occasions.

If you are interested in booking this tour, you need to be able to sit 6 to 7 hours on horseback and be prepared for a true wild hunting experience.  Camouflaged clothing is a requirement to be able to sneak up to animals.



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