Extra Information of the guide

On the tour in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan two 300WSM caliber weapons are usually carried by the hunter. Enough time is given at the start of each tour to become accustomed to using a borrowed gun, should you choose to not bring your own.

In more than 50% of cases a shooting distance over 300 m can be expected, especially on the Marco Polo hunts. Free, careless shooting is not recommended for this reason, but rather concentrated and deliberate shots. Ibexes that are over 8-9 years old may already be the size of a medium-sized deer and thus hunters that are able to shoot something as small as a beer cap at 100m, can do the same at the 400m distance. Since shooting at a much shorter distance in Europe is more commonly done so, please practice your long distance shooting before coming on our tours for the first time.

Because of the 300 to 400m distance to the target please only bring weapons that are over 7mm Rem /MAG. The best ones to use are from 300WM, 300WSM, 300UltraMag to 8 x 68 and over 10.5g in case of strong wind conditions.

For example, Marco Polo sheep can be shot at about 400m with 338 Lap.Mag calibre weighing 13g. The ram does not die instantly, instead can be identified by the fact that it is slower than the rest of the fleeing pack. Foreigners are not allowed to track down the animal and local Kyrgyz people will bring the game back to the accommodation. Inspection follows in the morning showing that the bullet hit the bottom brisket hard, which would have not been possible using a hollow point calibre. These cause greater injury to the chest and leave no hope for the hunter.We strongly recommend all our hunters to bring a rangefinder that are NOT the cheapest option. We also strongly advise hunters having no riding experience to take riding lessons.

Packing lists with seasonal application are issued after confirmation of your travel plans.



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