Ibex tour

The Ibex tour is a 7 to 8 day hunting tour with a total of 10 to 12 days.

Catching trophies up to 120 cm are quite common in Kyrgyzstan. However, if hunters are interested in bigger trophies sets, they can book a longer hunting tour.

From the airport in Bishkek our SUVs take our hunters to the main camp, a journey of 12 hours approximately. The tour allows for 6 hours of daily rides. However extensive riding experience are not required since our horses are of a good nature. We do require our hunters to have a good fitness level which will be personally discussed with the hunters prior to travelling.

During the rutting season that goes from mid November to early January we hunt in areas that are relatively easy to be reached. During this time south – facing slopes of the hills are free of snow, since they are exposed to the sun, which makes it easy to have a successful hunt on the horseback at around 3000 metres already.

Thus exceptional hunts are available all year round. Experienced hunters can locate game in glacier regions until the end of September. due this. 

In October temperatures range from plus 20 degrees on sunny days to minus 10 degrees at nights. Packing lists are issued according to season before the commencement of your travels.

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